Our next events

21. Dec, 2017

Christmas Social

For one month only we will have Book Swap, Craft Club and Sales Table all on one day. There will be mince pies and a general feeling of pre-Christmas cheer plus a chance to buy those last minute Christmas presents from our Craft Club's selection of gifts including Book Club's own embroidered linen shopping bags, Santa socks and tree decorations. We look forward to seeing you.

18. Jan, 2018

Our first event of 2017

Now that Christmas and New Year are over come and join us to find some new books to read or get started on that new project you decided on in your New Year Resolution. Or just come for a natter with cup and tea and some home made cake.

24. Dec, 2017

Sunday opening.

Put the main shopping to one side for the moment and come along and see what's available on our sales table. Bring your books to swap and relax with friends and a cup of coffee.

What is Book Swap

Oxhey Community Bookswap meets on the third Thursday of every month between 2.00pm and 4.00pm in St Matthew's Church Hall, Eastbury Road, Oxhey WD19 4ST.


  • Bring along any books that you have read. For each book you bring you will be given a ticket which will allow you to
  • Take a book.  You can choose as many books as you like. However, you will need a ticket for each one you want to take away free of charge. If you don't have a book to swap you can buy tickets for just 50p each.
  • Refreshments are available - tea, coffee, squash and homemade cake. Relax with friends and enjoy a friendly afternoon.

We now have 3 book cases plus many more new titles coming in every month including children's books and large print.

St Matthew's Craft Club

St Matthew's Craft Club used to meet on the 3rd Thursday evening of every month but, since July 2016, it has been very successfully included in with Book Swap.  Any craft work such as knitting, crochet, embroidery etc - things you can do while you sit round a table with a drink and chat.

4th Sunday Opening

For many years we have had regular bring and buy sales in aid of local charities offering pre-loved items at reasonable prices.  Starting in October, this will be on the 4th Sunday of every month and will be combined with a new, extra Sunday opening time for Bookswap so that those of you who can’t come on a Thursday afternoon can still take part.  Light refreshments will be available.